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Promoting High-Quality Chinese-style Modernization: The 13th China Management · Global Forum Successfully Held

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On October 21, the 13th China Management · Global Forum and the China Management Model Outstanding Achievement Award Ceremony were held in Shenzhen. The forum was hosted by the China Management · Global Forum Organizing Committee and the China Management Model 50+ Forum (referred to as "C50+"), with joint hosting by Das Intellitech Co., Ltd. and Kingdee International Software Group Co., Ltd.

The forum was attended by distinguished guests, including Herman Simon, a renowned German management thinker and the "father of hidden champions"; Wang Fanghua, former dean and professor at the Antai College of Economics and Management, Shanghai Jiao Tong University; Chen Chunhua, co-founder, initiator, and professor of C50+; Liu Bang, Chairman of Das Intellitech Co., Ltd.; Jiang Xipei, founder and chairman of the Far East Holding Group; along with hundreds of renowned management scholars and leaders from well-known enterprises at home and abroad, gathering to discuss "Entrepreneurial Spirit and High-Quality Development."

In addition, Jia Shaoqian, Party Secretary and Chairman of Hisense Group; Song Zhenmin, Party Secretary and Chairman of Dalian Deten Group Co., Ltd.; and Yuan Chengdong, Chief Information Officer of Nianhuawan Cultural and Tourism and General Manager of Nianhuayun Technology, represented the award-winning enterprises, sharing their management practices and insights with hundreds of guests present and millions online.

At this forum, guests combined theoretical innovation with excellent practical case sharing to explore the essence of the Chinese management model and seek a path of high-quality, high-level, and high-efficiency development, establishing a development path reliant on management science to empower enterprises and aid in achieving Chinese-style modernization.

Consistent Pursuit: Setting New Milestones in Chinese Management Models

Over the past fifteen years, with the development of China and the growth of Chinese enterprises, the China Management Model Outstanding Achievement Award has been awarded to over a hundred outstanding enterprises. The award fully taps into the successful management practices of Chinese enterprises, forming distinctive enterprise management models. Several books decoding the Chinese management model have been published, providing advice and strategies for Chinese enterprise management and development, garnering widespread attention and high praise in society. Today, the China Management Model Outstanding Achievement Award has become one of the most influential awards in the Chinese management community, witnessing the rise and growth of a batch of outstanding enterprises such as the Fortune Global 500 and "hidden champions."

At this important fifteen-year milestone, the forum released the milestone work "Roadmap: Decoding the Chinese Management Model," compiling successful enterprise experiences explored and visited by the China Management Model Outstanding Achievement Award over the years into "The Three-dimensional Model of Chinese Enterprise Management" and "The Nine Principles of Chinese Enterprise Management Model." These, along with numerous enterprise cases, aim to guide the direction of China's future enterprise management models with the wisdom and solutions of Chinese management over the past fifteen years.

Looking to the future, the forum also solemnly released the "Insights into the Chinese Management Model 50+ in 2023" and the "Chinese Management Model 50+ Initiative" (hereinafter referred to as the "Initiative").

East-West Collision: Exploring the Transformation from "Specialization, Peculiarity, and Novelty" to "Hidden Champions"

In recent years, international management masters such as Ram Charan, Henry Mintzberg, Peter Senge, and Dana Zohar have successively come to the China Management · Global Forum to engage in in-depth discussions with researchers and practitioners of the Chinese management model.

At this forum, Herman Simon, the "father of hidden champions," shared his keynote speech titled "The Hidden Champions and Their Future Development Road" via video link, introducing the management characteristics and success path of hidden champions. Herman Simon believes that the seven elements of success for hidden champions are globalization, innovation, focus, pursuit of excellence, digitization, ecosystems, and sustainability. He also believes that the intrinsic strength of hidden champions lies in high-performance culture, high qualifications, and low employee turnover, which are crucial for the development of enterprises.

Subsequently, hosted by Ma Xufei, Herman Simon, Chen Chunhua, and Liu Bang engaged in a summit dialogue on the similarities and differences between Chinese "specialization, peculiarity, and novelty" and Western "hidden champions," how to learn from the management theories and operation methods of Western "hidden champions," and how the Chinese management model can help Chinese enterprises rise globally. Herman Simon participated in the discussion online, and the brilliant collision of ideas was viewed by over five million people across the web.

Discussing the similarities and differences between China and the West, Chen Chunhua expressed that compared to Western "hidden champions," Chinese "specialization, peculiarity, and novelty" enterprises still have significant room for development in terms of scale, globalization investment, and business ecosystem construction. It is necessary to seize the trend of digital construction, enhance the digital models and capabilities of enterprises themselves, and use them as the basis for global entry.

Herman Simon further supplemented the characteristics and spirit of entrepreneurship possessed by hidden champions, including uniting teams, integrating personnel, deepening expertise, and fearlessness.

Liu Bang expressed that "for a company to become a 'hidden champion,' it must set ambitious goals during its growth process in order to become a 'hidden champion' from 'specialization, peculiarity, and novelty' to a world-class one. Simon's sharing today is completely in line with our Eastern traditional wisdom."

Conscience-Driven,Interpreting the Development Path of Chinese Enterprises

In March of this year, the "China Management Model 50+" Spring Forum was successfully held at the Das Intellitech Building, with nearly a hundred corporate leaders in attendance. The Spring Forum unveiled the theme for 2023, "Entrepreneurial Spirit and High-Quality Development," officially kicking off the selection process for the "16th China Management Model Outstanding Achievement Award."

Das Intellitech was the rotating enterprise of the China Management Model 50+ Forum for 2023. As the organizer of this year's "China Management · Global Forum," it explored and witnessed the development path of Chinese enterprises together with top management scholars and entrepreneurs. In the opening speech of the forum, Liu Bang, Chairman of Das Intellitech, delivered a brilliant speech titled "Conscience-Driven, Innovative Growth," leading C50+ members to interpret how innovation and growth of enterprises can be based on conscience-driven principles.

Liu Bang stated in his opening speech at the forum: "The combination of Western management science and the essence of Chinese traditional culture will inevitably lead to high-quality development of enterprises, and Chinese management will also move towards the world. Based on conscience-driven principles, Das Intellitech has accumulated over 20 years of industry practice and innovation experience, and is actively deploying broader market strategies. As a provider of intelligent space services, Das Intellitech has been at the forefront of IoT and building intelligence applications. Now, from locally deployed IoT control systems, it has moved to cloud deployment, supporting overseas applications remotely and efficiently."

Honorable Moment: Four Major Awards

Witnessing the Management "Front-runners" Crossing Cycles

The forum announced the three major lists of the 2023 China Management Model Outstanding Achievement Award: the China Management Model Outstanding Achievement Award, the China Management Model Innovation Award, and the China Digital Breakthrough Practice Award.

In addition, this session also added the "China Management Model Outstanding Achievement Award 15th Anniversary Special Contribution Award" to commend leading companies that can transcend cycles, sustainably develop, and form distinctive features of Chinese management. Hisense Group Holding Co., Ltd., Sany Group Co., Ltd., and Anta (China) Co., Ltd., stood out for their highly innovative and leading management practices, becoming recognized leaders in Chinese enterprise management.

Jiang Xipei, the new rotating entrepreneur convener of C50+, summed up: In the face of fierce market competition, the era of brutal growth has passed. To become a surviving enterprise or a better-developed enterprise in the future, one must aspire to be a leading enterprise in the industry, a leading enterprise, and a "specialization, peculiarity, and novelty" leading enterprise. Only through perseverance can one become the most powerful and competitive enterprise.