A leading provider of IoT products and solutions in China

Das Intellitech aims to be a global leader in IoT products and solutions,
leveraging its self-developed AIoT platform to offer modular smart applications and lifespan services to clients.


Commercial Building & Campus

The smart building integrated solution is based on Das Tower's 4 years of d...

Smart Hospital

Das Intellitech has accumulated services for 700+ hospitals, operating rooms and...

MTR Lines

Based on the "AI + IoT products" and "AI + big data products" independently deve...

Data Centers

Das Data Center solutions integrate artificial intelligence predicting algorithm...



2600+ Employees

200+ Installed Bases

  • 3000+

    Commercial Building & Campus

  • 7000+

    Hospitals & Operating Rooms

  • 80+

    MTR Lines

  • 100+

    Data Centres