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Das Intellitech Wins Bid for Guangming Life Science Big Data Center Project!

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Shenzhen Das Intellitech Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Das Intellitech" or "the Company") recently received the "Bid Notification" issued by the bidder Shenzhen Guangming Science City Development and Construction Co., Ltd. and the bidding agent Youhe Insurance Brokers Co., Ltd. The company, in partnership with Shenzhen Special Information Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Smart City Technology Development Group Co., Ltd., successfully won the bid for the Guangming Life Science Big Data Center Project's computing platform and supporting systems project, with a bid amount of 245.78 million yuan.

Project Overview

This project is located in Building A, Floors 4-5, and Basement Floors -1 and -2 of Guangming Life Science Park, Guangming District, Shenzhen. The total area of the 4-5 floors is 3634 square meters, with the 4th floor housing the air-cooled machine room, distribution equipment room, battery room, and operation and maintenance office, while the 5th floor comprises the liquid-cooled machine room, distribution equipment room, battery room, exhibition hall, ECC monitoring center, and conference room. The -1 floor accommodates the diesel generator room supporting the data room, and the -1 and -2 floors are equipped with strong and weak electricity, HVAC, and water supply and drainage equipment areas covering approximately 2400 square meters.

Service Contents

Das Intellitech intends to provide supporting system construction for this project, including air-cooled cabinets, liquid-cooled cabinets, comprehensive wiring, access control systems, infrastructure management platforms, etc. The liquid-cooled cabinets total 100, with a cooling load of 2466 kW. The project plans to adopt a hybrid cooling system, with liquid cooling for high-power and high-density components and air cooling for low-power components, using a cold plate liquid cooling system to significantly reduce PUE.

Focusing on Company Strategy, Continuous Innovation and Breakthroughs

With the vision of "Smart Millions of Spaces, Warm Billions of Users," the company is committed to becoming a global leading smart space service provider. Based on the independently developed AIoT intelligent IoT control platform, it aggregates modular space scene applications in multiple market segments such as building buildings and parks, hospitals, urban rail transit, data centers, etc., to provide users with full-lifecycle smart space services.

In the data center field, Das Intellitech, based on its independently developed data center precise energy efficiency control and management system, efficiently integrates other intelligent application subsystems and provides customers with intelligent and energy-saving overall solutions through integrated platform management and rich project operation and maintenance experience. To date, Das Intellitech has successfully served over 100 data center projects in 20+ cities, including Shenzhen Lihap Business Big Data Center.

This project consists of four parts: supercomputer computing power, network storage system, software platform, and data center supporting system construction. The project has a tight schedule, and high coordination requirements for various systems. Considering that the company has undertaken many large-scale data center projects such as Qianhai Information Hub Tower Data Center, Baohe Big Data Center, State Grid Trading Cloud Computing Center, 5G Cloud Data Transmission Interaction Center, and China Merchants Securities Data Center, it has rich experience in organizing construction, process control, equipment procurement, and project delivery. It will further enhance its comprehensive technical strength through innovation-driven and deeply satisfy customer needs to provide high-quality services during the project implementation.

Responding to National Policies, Broad Market Prospects

As one of the key directions of new infrastructure, data centers are strategic resources and public infrastructure to support future economic and social development. The national "dual carbon" strategy provides new opportunities for the construction and application of new data centers. With the continuous expansion of Internet and cloud computing demand from large customers, the data center industry will usher in rapid growth, bringing broader market space for the company's data center business.

In recent years, Shenzhen has aimed to build a "world-class science city" and has spared no effort to promote the construction of Guangming Science City. Guangming Science City is located in the northeast of Guangming District, Shenzhen. It is the pioneering area of the comprehensive national science center of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and the core bearing area for building a comprehensive national science center with Shenzhen as the main base, known as the "New Silicon Valley" of Shenzhen.

Based on this project, Das Intellitech will contribute solid strength to accelerate the construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area International Science and Technology Innovation Center and the demonstration zone of socialism with Chinese characteristics.